Hello Neighbors,


I hope everyone is doing good, staying warm and safe.


I want to let everyone know that I’m throwing my hat into the ring to run for HOA President. So, in this post I'm talking directly to each and every one of you! I assume that everyone moved into this community and spent or are spending the amount of money we all did for our homes to live and be proud of our homes and community! But it takes ALL of us, I'm not talking necessarily talking about working on the board or a committee, but working on our homes and yards keeping them up and being proud of what you have.


I know that not every homeowner will be completely happy with me or like me all the time, that is just the truth and I accept that, but it doesn't mean I won't fight for you also. I will do everything to try to make everyone happy. That is what we need, everyone to be happy. Now I'm not delusional, I know there will always be a handful of people that will never see things the way the board does. But we will do our very best to accommodate everyone.


 I have thought of doing it a couple of times in the past, but it wasn’t the right time. I feel that now is the right time. Our beautiful neighborhood is in need of some transparency, and that is exactly what I would do for every one of you. No more secrets! No more waiting to find out what’s going on.


We have many residents that would like to know more of what’s going on. While some are comfortable letting someone else take care of everything. I was one of the ones that was in the middle, I was curious and would keep back and watch. But are you someone that wants to know where ALL of our money is going! Do you want to have a better understanding of why and how some of the money is being spent! To understand every decision that is being made! 


I'll answer your questions in a timely manner, and if I don't know the answer, I will do my best to find that answer. Our monthly board meetings will continue as they are supposed to. With technology there is no reason why they can’t.


I’ll make sure that every month there will be postings of what's going on no matter how small or how large. You don’t really know me, even my closet neighbors and friends don’t know how I can negotiate, and how hard I will fight and work for EVERYONE that lives in our beautiful little corner of the world. We need to be able to keep our neighborhood beautiful, we need to make sure that all the rules are equal for every single homeowner.


I’m ready and willing to take on the role of self-managing with the help of the board, until we can find a management company that will suit our needs.


I’m all for saving money, but THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT WE CAN DO OUR SELF'S TO LOWER THE FEES THAT THEY WOULD CHARGE and there are somethings that NO ONE on the board should be doing directly, and that includes me! These things should be watched very carefully by the board, but they should be done by a management company. There has to be a company that will do certain things for us and to allow us to adjust that list whether it means adding something, or removing some items that we may want to try our hand at that will still SAVE US MORE MONEY.

Some items as to why we need a management company for:


1.       Property violations.

2.       Following up on the Property violations to see if the item/items have been corrected.

3.       Liens on homeowner properties for nonpayment of dues, fines et cetera.

4.       Collection on past dues / fees

5.       Depending on the number of outstanding dues and fines we need to try to work with some people to see if we can help them get caught up on their outstanding balances. This will be completely private with the homeowner. This will help increase our general running monies and any reserve payment will help increase our reserve funds.

6.       The HOA board should not have full control over the money.

7.       The HOA board needs to have various checks and balances and possible be held accountable, with everything we do.

8.       Every homeowner needs to be able to see the budget.

9.       Account balances need to beknown as we are ALL putting our money in by paying our dues.

10.   A Self-managed subdivision can create conflict within the community.





I will be trying to expand our board according to our bylaws. By doing so we will have more opinions, more ideas et cetera.


Our subdivision, doesn’t have all the advantages that some others do. We'll try to create a report / list of subdivisions in the area of what they have and their dues et cetera, since it seems that we have some people that would like to compare us to other subdivisions without any of extra information.


Now for the BIG question that I know some people will be wanting me to answer.

WILL the board open the pool if I’m president?


Yes, we will open the Pool, but only for the people that sign a waiver and are current on their dues. 

If there is anything you would like to ask me feel free to do so. Like the current board did in 2020.


Since we don't have a meeting date, I propose that we have a Zoom meeting.


For a fair vote we can use a third-party site that creates an anonymous vote on their website. I've already created one if its ok with Liz and the board. You can look over the site at https://xoyondo.com/


We can set it up like this one, I made up a silly one, to go to it click on vote who would you like to be hall monitor You can vote Cat or Dog and see the real time results.


Except it will look more like this. 


Click on Vote Now to vote for Liz Craig or Scott Holtzclaw for the position of HOA President.


If for any reason you cannot see this post you can go to www.sotr.us to see it.


We need EVERYONE to be proud of our community.